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We provide aspiring young drivers and dedicated crew members with an unparalleled platform to excel in the dynamic world of motorsports. We are committed to breaking down financial barriers and leveling the playing field by offering opportunities to talented individuals who may not have the means or connections to pursue their dreams in this challenging field.


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SMG Driver Shootout

Introducing the “SMG Driver Shootout” – an adrenaline-packed competition where skilled race car drivers vie for supremacy in a heat-based contest. Hosted by Saito Motorsports Group, this competition offers not just bragging rights, but a once-in-a-lifetime prize for the ultimate winner. By paying an entry fee, participants get the chance to showcase their racing prowess, agility, and strategy. The champion of the shootout secures an enviable reward: the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Saito Motorsports Group MX5 racecar in an upcoming MX5 Cup Race. It’s not just a race; it’s a chance to make a mark in the racing world!

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“Race Carguments” is a dynamic podcast steered by Jay and Niki Saito, a father and son tandem with vast racing wisdom, yet poles apart in their views. As they journey to various race events, listen in to their spirited debates, concurrences, and insights on the multifaceted world of racing. It’s where racing expertise meets family road trip banter!

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