A Glimpse into a Racing Weekend at Watkins Glen

Overcoming Challenges and Showing Resilience

The adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport is a thrilling arena where skill, strategy, and teamwork converge. The recent race weekend at Watkins Glen proved to be a true test of these elements, as Clayton and the SMG team navigated a series of challenges, displaying professionalism and resilience at every turn.

Practice Sessions: Learning the Ropes and Fine-Tuning Skills

The weekend kicked off with Clayton stepping onto the iconic Watkins Glen track for the very first time. As he navigated the course alongside 30 other cars, it was evident that this experience was an invaluable opportunity for learning and growth. The initial practice session laid the foundation for what was to come, as Clayton familiarized himself with the track and began to understand its intricacies.

In the subsequent practice session, Clayton showcased improvement, despite facing a challenge with tire pressures that led to an uncomfortable driving experience. Due to underestimating the quantity of the rubber laid down by the GTP cars and resulting available grip, the team inadvertently set the rear tire pressures slightly higher than needed, resulting in an unfortunate bout of oversteer especially in the last few laps that impacted his performance. However, Clayton’s dedication and adaptability were clear, as he continued to refine his driving style, aiming for that perfect balance between speed and control.

Qualifying: A Battle for Position and Strategy

Qualifying brought its own set of unique challenges. Without a drafting partner to optimize his performance, Clayton and the SMG team faced a strategic dilemma. An effort to position himself with the JTR cars trailing behind took an unforeseen twist as those very JTR cars also dropped track positions in search of an alternative draft pack, leading to an unintended reversal of the team’s strategy. Consequently, Clayton found himself  inadvertently drafting with a slower group of cars.This setback, combined with a missed opportunity to fully piece together his best sectors due to traffic, resulted in a Race 1 starting position of P-22.

Race 1: Battling Adversity and Pushing Through

Race 1 was a true test of Clayton’s perseverance. An incident during the early stages of the race affected the front left camber setting, leading to an imbalance in the car’s handling during long right-hand turns. This unanticipated understeer posed a significant challenge for Clayton, demanding both his skill and determination to navigate through the race. Despite the struggle, Clayton’s resolve shone through as he crossed the finish line in 14th place.

Race 2: Seizing Opportunities and Facing the Unforeseen

Buoyed by the lessons learned from Race 1, Clayton and the team approached Race 2 with renewed confidence. An adjusted camber setup and a comprehensive analysis of collected performance data provided a more favorable foundation. Clayton’s strong start to the race, marked by five impressive overtakes in just three turns, showcased his determination and readiness to seize opportunities.

However, fate took an unfortunate turn as an incident involving other cars blindsided Clayton, ending his promising race prematurely. This was a case of the right spot at the wrong time. Despite the disappointment of the untimely exit, Clayton’s dedication and the SMG team’s resilience were evident throughout the weekend.

Conclusion: Embracing Challenges, Special Mentions and Looking Ahead

In hindsight, the race weekend at Watkins Glen was a rollercoaster of triumphs and trials, highlighting the unforgiving nature of motorsport. Clayton’s professional and positive approach, combined with the team’s commitment, demonstrated a commendable level of teamwork and resilience. While the weekend came with its share of setbacks, it also showcased the unwavering spirit that propels racers and their teams forward. The team operated very well throughout the weekend and a special thank you goes out to Mazda Motorsport and Mr. Jonathan Applegate, Flis Performance and the invaluable support offered by Stan, Troy, Tod, Ashli and Andreas, Gary from BF Goodrich, Andersen promotions, our fellow MX5 cup competitors, Alex Hann for the beautiful photography, Collin White for building this website, IMSA and a special thanks to Gayle Burnham with IMSA for helping and guiding us through with unbelievable patience and kindness. 

As the dust has settled on the eventful weekend, Clayton Ketcher and the Saito Motorsports team are undoubtedly taking away valuable insights that will shape their future endeavors on the track. The racing world is a dynamic and ever-evolving arena, and the experiences gained at Watkins Glen will undoubtedly contribute to Clayton’s growth as a driver and the team’s continuous pursuit of excellence. Unfortunately as a result of the accident damage we were forced to sit out the Road America event, but we look forward to coming back at VIR at the end of August.