About Us


Our Mission

We provide aspiring young drivers and dedicated crew members with an unparalleled platform to excel in the dynamic world of motorsports. We are committed to breaking down financial barriers and leveling the playing field by offering opportunities to talented individuals who may not have the means or connections to pursue their dreams in this challenging field.

About Us

Our company is lucky to have Jay Saito, founder, and business man with extensive experience in motorsport. We are also joined by his son Niki Saito, as well as Cory Bradburn and Logan White.

This team of experts is driven by an unwavering passion for the sport and a deep understanding of its intricacies. With Jay Saito at the helm, we aim to impart valuable knowledge and expertise to the next generation of motorsport stars.

Saito Motorsports Group stands as a beacon of progress in the sport, integrating knowledge and ambition within the motorsport community. Already revolutionizing the landscape motorsports, we further aim for growth using the main values of our company: 

  1. Succeed and Progress
    Motorsport is a meritocracy based on intelligence, knowledge, dedication, hard work and passion. We endeavor to create a robust funnel system that allows our crew members and drivers to succeed and progress to the highest levels racing. We truly believe that the future in sports car racing worldwide is bright and opportunities for successful careers exist thanks to the World Endurance Championship, IMSA and programs like the “road to the 24” coupled to automotive manufacturer’s interest and investment in the sport.

  2. Strategic partnerships and Mentorship Programs
    We strive to facilitate a clear pathway for our talents to thrive at the top level of racing by creating a nurturing and welcoming environment. 

In staying true to our values, and abiding by our mission statement, it is possible that we can work towards our vision for our company, but also for motorsports: to integrate knowledge and expertise for the next generation. Together, we then can race towards a future where talent and dedication triumph, regardless of financial constraints or connections.

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